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Traits of a Good Public Relations Professional

How do you find a PR professional that the media will listen to?

By Karla Jo Helms

How do you go about choosing a good PR professional or company?  There are many businesses that are in the dark about what makes a good PR professional simply because they are also in the dark about what constitutes effective PR.

Whether we like it or not, the media does represent a larger portion of the nation and the world and has a profound influence on the communication lines of our society.  If you are not crazy with the way the media portrays certain subject matters, that is understood.  But you may want to think twice before you completely write them off.  The media can present things in the improper light due to the fact that they just do not have all of the facts and the data they need to present a topic in the right way.  With all of the information and “facts” circulating out there can be difficult to gather the data one needs to cover a story the way it should be covered.  That is where a true PR pro comes into play. 

The PR Professional’s Duty

If the media is presenting things in an improper light due to the lack of the necessary data and facts, the origin of this problem stems from the failure of good information which should be coming in to the journalist which would provide them with the notion that there is more out there and more should be looked into.  

Perhaps there is another point of view that they could offer to their audience which would help more people?  Or perhaps there is something else they should pursue that would be beneficial to their reader or viewer base?  There is really no way for them to know so they go on the data that they have.  This is where a good PR professional can be beneficial to the manner in which the news is presented.  How? 

We see it as a PR professional’s duty to keep journalists informed of what is available to be known. This places a PR professional in a very important position, because they have the ability to have an impact on how the world is perceived by others.  The reality is there is a lot of good going on in the world and there are a ton of great businesses that are improving the lives of others on a daily basis.  There are also many people who are accomplishing great things for the betterment of communities and different causes that are often overshadowed by the doom and gloom stories.

The media will listen to you IF you understand the rules of engagement for dealing with the media.  The media has certain guidelines by which they operate and a great PR professional will know what these criteria are so they can communicate effectively.  A good PR professional will help the media as well as their own clients and customers; and one that can do this will be able to get their clients’ stories told.   

If you are genuine in your dealings with others and you have a product/service that improves the lives of others, a good PR professional can help you get that message to your target market in a big way.  Using the media as a resource in an invaluable avenue that can help you get a terrific return on investment for your marketing dollars, if done right!

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